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Delilah  (Full Accoyo)

bullet Type: Female Huacaya
bullet Status:  Proven
bullet Birth date:  09/07/2007
bullet Heritage:   Full Peruvian / Full Accoyo
bullet Color:  W White
bullet Registration: ARI Registered
bullet ARI #:   30015289
bullet Price: Ask for Price

ARI number 806196
  CPeruvian Accoyo Darcy

ARI number 139284
PPPeruvian   Chaparral


Delilah was born at Maplewood Farm's in Michigan. She is a full Accoyo,  has correct conformation with bright and dense fleece, mean 19.7 mc. She is a large girl with big bone structure, her size and large bone comes from Accoyo Chaparral a 1998 import and Darcy's a large female, this is common for Darcy’s too produced. Delilah is a second generation full Accoyo, this bloodline is very rare and has been closed guarded by Maplewood, making Delilah exceptional unique Accoyo. Delilah is part of our foundation females. Sire by Bravado for 2010 cria.


Delilah fleece



Micron Count 6/4/2008 AFD 19.7 SD 4.9 CV 24.8% CF 97.3% Curve 24.0 Mn 16.7 Max 23.5 Staple 90.0


      Awards Received

 2008 Michigan International Alpaca Fest  Halter Full Fleece Huacaya Yearling Female - White  3

Pedigree of D Per Accoyo Hey Delilah

  Coeff Inb Lineage Color ARI No. Ident No.
Sire:    PPPepuvian Chaparral 0 S W 139284 ME-360 F0079
Female:  D Per Accoyo Hey Delilah 0 - W 30015289 ME-360 C0009
Dam:    CPeruvian Accoyo Darcy 0 D W 806196 ME-360 T0002










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