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Sunny... (1/2 Peruvian 1/2 Chilean 1/4 Accoyo)          


bullet Type:  Male Huacaya
bullet Status:  Unproven
bullet Birth date:  06/30/2010
bullet Heritage:   1/2 Peruvian 1/2 Chilean 1/4 Accoyo
bullet Color:  DB Dark Brown
bullet Registration: ARI Pending
bullet ARI #:  Pending
bullet Price: Ask for Price

Sunshine 2009 Sister

Tamber 2007 Sister

Twinkle Black Start
2006 Sister

bullet Sunny is dark brown, gentile, and insist on eating from the feeding container. He will follow you all over the barn at show time. This boy is the creation of Goldsmith’s Peruvian Sunfire with substantial long fleece and Twister a full Chilean with the most remarkable soft, maintaining 22 micron fleece.
bullet Twister has ultra soft fiber, nine crimp with high curvature, with a long staple length. She is breed to Sunfire, And sell with cria. This lovely full Chilean dam has the super sweet temperament well appreciated. Twister is an awesome bay black, well proven lady. She has very intense color.
bullet Sunfire that has astonishing zipper crimp structure to his bulky, substantial, dense fiber. He is a gorgeous blush of burgundy brown with a springiness to his fiber. Supreme luster with an inconceivable Huacaya handle, He is extraordinaire. Peruvian Sunfire's majesty doesn't stop there. He is the son of Accoyo Goldsmith, a legend winning multiple "Get of Sire" classes and producing Champion from Holter to Color to Fiber. Sunfire is not immune to this genetic phenomenon.

Pedigree of SC Goldsmith Sunny

  Coeff Inb Lineage Color ARI No. Ident No.
         PPeruvian Felix 0 SSS MF W R123058 ME-360 F0064
GS:      Accoyo's Goldsmith 0 SS MF 815224 ME-360 U0008
         PPPeruvian Aletha 0 SSD W R138773 ME-360 F0066
Sire:    Goldsmith's Peruvian Sunfire 0 S MB 1366334 ME-360 Z0004
         6Peruvian Cap. Morgan 0 SDS MB R808101 ME-360 F0067
GD:      Morgan Treasure 0 SD W 823730 ME-360 F0056
         CPeruvian Elsa 0 SDD MB R806541 ME-360 F0068
Male:  SC Goldsmith Sunny 0 - BB PENDING7 ME-360 I0006
GS:      Cava Leanca Rico 0 DS TB 805342 ME-360 N0005
Dam:    MS R+R Twister 104J 0 D BB 819264 ME-360 U0001
GD:      Brisa 0 DD MB 98071 ME-360 F0045





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