Silver Creek Farm
N1897 County Road M, Watertown, WI 53098

Georgia Cell
Marcos Cell


bulletOur farm offers Agistment services year round.
bulletThe barns are over 150 year old. They have been fully renovated, they provide a stable climate year round. The 24" thick rock wall maintains an ideal environment.
bulletOur pristine cool water comes from a constant flowing artisan well.
bulletInstalled on our property and monitored 24 hours a day are IP cameras system throughout. The well being of all Alpacas in our care is our utmost responsibility, ensuring constant attention to their every needs.


Accommodation is provided for special need females, new crias, weaning, yearling males, jr. Herdsires, gelding fiber boys.


We use Marty McGees Bennett The Camelid Companion for all the Handling and training of our alpacas, a must, our animals love the the way we interact with them.


We follow Dr. Norm Evans recommendations for feeding and caring for the alpacas.


The caring, treatments and well being of all Alpacas are adherently followed.  Veterinarian care is with in 30 min.  You will be contacted, promptly, in the event the veterinarian has to respond. Upon completion of any care done the veterinarian will consult with you.

bulletPricing and Terms

Our reasonable pricing for the care of each Alpaca is $3.00 per day.

bulletIf you are interested in our services please contact or or call 920 988-9393



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Alpacas are members of the Camelid family. The camels whit which most people are familiar are the ones whit humps.
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The first European importations of alpaca fiber were into Spain. Spain transferred that fiber to Germany and France.