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bulletWhat are Alpacas?
bulletWhy are Alpaca in North America?
bulletWhat is the future for Alpacas?
bulletWhat is their History?


The Alpaca population was decimated during the period following the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores in the 1500's. The Spanish colonists, who were so determined to eradicate the Alpaca as a symbol of the natives, where never able to appreciate the wonders of Alpaca fiber.
An Englishman, Sir Titus Salt, made an accidental discovery of Alpaca fiber, The modern world now enjoys the luxury of wide range of Alpaca products from sweaters and scarves to suits and cots.
In the resent past, the Alpaca population again suffered enormous losses at the hand of man. Economic forces in Latin America, years of drought, and fifteen years of systematic alpaca slaughter by terrorist known as Sendero Luminoso. Like the Conquistadores five centuries earlier they targeted the Alpacas as the means by which they could capture and retain control over rural areas and the peoples who live there. From 1967 - to 1992 the Alpaca population has decreased as much as 50%.
To provide a source of income to rural farmers, the governments of Bolivia, Chile and Peru eased exporting restrictions, importers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, England , and Israel were among the first to import in to their countries, this presented an opportunity to save the Alpaca from an uncertainty future.
By 1998 it ended by a vote of ARI members and only qualified animals were issued a pedigree registration.
Alpacas are highly valuable animals, they produce the finest fiber in the world, they are genteel, and lovable


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Alpacas are members of the Camelid family. The camels whit which most people are familiar are the ones whit humps.
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The first European importations of alpaca fiber were into Spain. Spain transferred that fiber to Germany and France.