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Taccoyo Hemi  (Full Peruvian /  Full Hemiaccoyo)

bullet Type:  Male Huacaya
bullet Status:  Proven
bullet Birth date:  05/15/2006
bullet Heritage:   100 Peruvian
bullet Color:  White
bullet Registration: ARI Registered
bullet ARI #: 30536364
bullet Price: Ask for Price
bullet Stud Service: $2,100.




Taccoyo Hemi is a full Hemiaccoyo™ name after his unique lineage; he is a curios and friendly macho, with uniformly structure plush and substantial fiber extending to the tip of his toes. Taccoyo's elegant white fleece is baby soft and snow white with perfect bite. His imposing Square stand, ear up and definitely respect from all his Jr.

bullet Sire by Westwool's Fredrico: Full Accoyo 1st West Coast Sweepstake at age 2, the son of PPeruvian Felix: 18.5 micron count on 2001 Get of Sire Winner, Kentucky Classic.
bullet Mother Full Allianza Line Toni is white Peruvian born in 1999. Both Sire and Dam are from Allianza Line Import. Her Sire is non other than Peruvian Hemingway and her Dam "One of the best Producing females brought into North America" (Mike Safely).

TIMBERLAND ALPACAS was the first ranch in the United States to develop the Hemiaccoyo bloodline way back in 1994 with the first breeding of their 1994 Accoyo import female Pperuvian Sara to Hemingway. The result of this breeding, Sara's Sahara, was so amazing that TIMBERLAND ALPACAS coined this new bloodline "Hemiaccoyo" and has registered and protected the name through the Alpaca Registry and has further trademarked the name.

The Hemiaccoyo bloodline of TIMBERLAND ALPACAS encompasses the best of two worlds - the pedigrees of Peruvian Hemingway and the Accoyos. It may appear somewhat strange at first glance, to name a bloodline after a single herdsire...but such is the impact of Hemingway. And, the impact of the Accoyo bloodlines to North America is well established.

What is a Hemiaccoyo? TIMBERLAND ALPACAS classifies an alpaca as a Hemiaccoyo if a minimum of 75% of the bloodline is derived from a combination of the Accoyos and Hemingway. What are the characteristics of the Hemiaccoyos? Fineness of fleece, wonderful crimp, luster, colors ranging from white, fawn, brown to black, and an ability to hold those characteristics of fleece throughout their productive lives.

Pedigree of Silver Creek Taccoyo Hemi

 Coeff InbLineageColorARI No.Ident No.
GS:   4Peruvian Accoyo's Juliaca 60350SSW166573ME-360 F0049
Sire:  Westwool's Fredrico0SW823798ME-360 F0036
     PPeruvian Felix0SDSMF WR123058ME-360 F0064
GD:   Westwool Frieda0SDDFR187034ME-360 F0063
     PPPeruvian Cajabamba0SDDWR139039ME-360 F0065
Male: Silver CreekTaccoyo Hemi0-W30536364ME-360 B0001
GS:   Peruvian Hemingway0DSWR117888ME-360 F0061
Dam:  Toni0DW822165ME-360 F0058
GD:   Peruvian Benatton0DDWR118066ME-360 F0062












Sharing Report                  5/05/2008 Total 7.2 lb  5/19/2009 Total 10.2 lb



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