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Wayland... (7/8 Accoyo)         


bullet Type:  Male Huacaya
bullet Status:  Unproven
bullet Birth date:  05/29/2007
bullet Heritage:   7/8 Peruvian 1/8 Chilean 7/8 Accoyo
bullet Color:  LF Light Fawn
bullet Registration: ARI Registered
bullet ARI #:  30709188
bullet Price: Ask for Price


Accoyo Top Dog   (Accoyo Camilio's)
 Type:  Huacaya

Birth date:  8/10/2000
Heritage:   Full Peruvian

Registration: ARI Registered
ARI #:  82226
Color:   Light Fawn


bullet He is 7/8 Accoyo. His mother is Wendy and Father by Top Dog. Wayland is our very handsome light fawn male. He is the son of Full Accoyo Top Dog, known for his excellent fleece and award-winning cria. Wayland has the potential to stand out with his excellent conformation and nice, crimpy fleece.
bullet Wendy is 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Chilean and 1/4 Accoyo and the granddaughter of Hemmingway! Wendy is bred to full Peruvian Accoyo Top Dog. Wendy makes motherhood looks easy. She catches on the first breeding, delivers with ease, has plenty of milk. She sell with her cria, breed to Sunfire.
bullet Full Accoyo Pacific Crest Accoyo Top Dog may just be one of the best colored Full Accoyo Herdsires in the Nation. Two Grand Champion Accoyo Producers brought about Top Dog. Full Accoyo Camilio with his rich dark coloring and Acoymayo produced this fabulous future of Accoyo genetics.

Hi's Sire, Full Accoyo Camilio is a "Get of Sire" winner over Hemingway and Legacy! Camilio is also one son of two imported who are from one of Don Julio’s favorite Herdsires, he had two. The first being Shere Kahn and the second Standing Bear. Although we requested the sale of Standing Bear, Don Julio politely refused. He then went on to choose for us two of his best sons. Camilio was one of the two imported sons of Standing Bear. One look at any of Standing Bears offspring gives us a grand insight as to why Standing Bear was one of Don Julio’s Favorites.

Density unimaginable, crimp exploding, and Herdsire royalty personality.


Pedigree of Silver Creek Wayland

 Coeff InbLineageColorARI No.Ident No.
GS:   PPeruvian Camilio0SSMF123057GE-360 F0013
Sire:  Pacific Crest Accoyo Top Dog0S 822266GE-360 F0006
GD:   PPPeruvian Acomayo0SDW138759GE-360 F0012
Male: Silver Creek Wayland0-LF30709188GE-360 C0004
     PP Peruvian Cavalier0DSSMF139288GE-360 L0001
GS:   Rhapsody Rogue0DSLB811979GE-360 U0002
     4 Peruvian Trinidad0DSDMF166719GE-360 P0003
Dam:  Silver Creek Wendy0DW1425321GE-360 Z0001
     Inca LC0DDSMF801254GE-360 R0001
GD:   Hunnie0DDMB819480GE-360 V0002
     Uber's Sushi0DDDMB107944GE-360 M0002



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